7 Expert Tips For The Best Of Referee Management

During the past years, we gained lots of experience all over the world in terms of referee management. We're helping federations in every type of sports who are struggling with their referee management, or just want to improve their way of working. Our expertise domain covers 7 kinds of struggles every federation faces.

Because of our years of experience, we want to share these key elements in efficient referee management! 


In the upcoming weeks we will explore them with you one by one and show you how RefAssist can facilitate them:

Keep your referee’s data clear and accurate
Efficient referee management requires you to have all the relevant data in one place.

Try to avoid multiple spreadsheets
Spreadsheets may never be your single source of truth!

Appoint your referees as efficiently as you can
An appointment system can save you over 80% of your time!

Communicate with your referees in an easy and efficient way
Avoid emails and use a private, dedicated platform.

Consult their performance statistics on a regular base
Accurate referee KPI's are essential! 

Offer tools to develop themselves
Clips and self-assessment reports help referees to continuously improve.

Ask referees’ feedback in a short survey
Stay close to your referees and ask for their feedback!


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